Surprise visitor – Noah Adams – NPR

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March 17, 2013 by DuboisOnMain

Saturday afternoon brought us a surprise visitor, Noah Adams.  When he introduced himself to me, I was looking at him blankly and puzzled, because I’m a “face” person and didn’t recognize the face but knew something was familiar.  It was his VOICE. Imagine that!  A person  many of us have listened to often on “All Things Considered” on NPR.  Wow!  He’s travelling to small towns chatting about the changes in the area.  Mt. Hope has the huge Boy Scout facility opening nearby and is undergoing many changes.  And here that “voice” was at DuBois on Main interviewing and chatting with all that came in for the next hour or two.  He said Matt Wender sent him.  What a day!!  Lois was there already.  Alma & Dean came in shortly thereafter, Dorothy came in, and Kat came in after her sorority meeting.  WOW.  Alma regaled us all with her stories and her fantastic memory!  Even back to her elementary school teachers.  A couple new visitors dropped off some recently found goodies which included an old DuBois Echo that I didn’t have!  Whoopee.  What a day!  We finally did put the movie on and watched and learned about Annapolis history.  When I find out more info about the airing, will put it on here.  Meanwhile, you can watch out for it yourself by just going to the NPR site in a week or so and including MT. HOPE in your inquiry.

That event convinced me more than ever, I’d better get a decent tape recorder very soon. You see, Alma Fleming is the natural DuBois historian.  She’s contributed many DuBois Echoes over the years.  But while talking to her, just don’t mention the football team name change in 1955….


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