Rhayne is coming……


April 30, 2013 by DuboisOnMain

ImageAuthor, singer, humorist and just plain fun person, Rhayne Thomas will be at DuBois on Main on Saturday, May 11, 2013 from 1:00PM till 3:00PM.  Rhayne is a world-wide traveler having been a singer for many years..(and, folks, she can sing!) and now travels to many places sharing her gift of humor. Born and raised in the Bronx, she is the daughter of two southern parents.  Her father is from WV and mother from SC.  A few years ago, Rhayne decided to write a book about this childhood of trying to figure out what her southern parents sayings meant.  “GRACIE-ISMS” is written from the perspective of a child.  After you hear her read just a bit, you will understand why Rhayne has been asked to speak at women’s groups, churches, cancer support groups and many places where laughter was wanted.  Laughter is a healer.

I heard about Rhayne about a year ago and got to meet her and hear her sing.  I saw a friend in the Walmart parking lot who told me where she was appearing that evening and invited me to come.  As I said already….she can S A N G…… Earlier this year, I ordered her book and after reading the first line and laughing so hard I almost cried, I called her.  We chatted a bit and since she will be in the area, she has graciously agreed to stop by and drop a little of that humor on us as our “free” Mother’s Day present.

So bring your children, neighbors, parents and friends and come out for a bit of laughter.  Also bring some money, cash, checks, money orders…etc.  Rhayne will have her book available for sale and autographing.  She’s not charging DuBois on Main to stop by, so we must show our good southern upbringing and treat ourselves well by buying a book or two for us and getting our Christmas shopping done early..  When we need a dose of laughter, just read from Rhayne’s “GRACIE-ISMS” and it’s all better..

See you there.  Oh, we’ll have some refreshments also…


2 thoughts on “Rhayne is coming……

  1. Rhayne says:

    I am so excited to invited and I promise a fun time for all!!!

  2. DuboisOnMain says:

    We’re getting ready….

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