One year and going strong!!


August 4, 2013 by DuboisOnMain

P1010499 - Copy ???????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????? P1010502 - Copy ?????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????? P1010507 ???????????????????????????????????? ?????????????DuBois on Main celebrated its 1st birthday on Saturday, August 3rd. with delicious refreshments provided by supporters. There was also music, indoor and outdoor fun!

Our DuBois historian, Alma Freeman Fleming was there and provided educational historic tours.  Children from across the street, up the road and from back in Turkey Knob came to take part.  Alma showed the children pictures, shared information and urged the students to go back and share that information with relatives so that more local DuBois history would be learned.  Family members of many of the students in attendance had been DuBois students years ago

In the community room, adults chatted and shared stories while the kids enjoyed playing board games inside and outdoor fun in the back yard.  All enjoyed the delicious pound cake provided by Antonia Ritchie, supporter from Fayettevile.

Those in attendance enjoyed the days events and plan to return bringing others to learn and enjoy the museum. We ended up staying open a lot later than usual because the children were having so much fun and all the activities that were available really made our one year anniversary a success.


Betty & Gabby getting ready to enjoy the refreshments.

Mr. Joe Ritchie & daughter Antonia greet Alma Fleming.

Chris playing piano and kids preparing to sing native West Virginian Bill Wither’s “Lean on Me”…..

Mr. Joe Ritchie & daughter saying good-bye for the day.  Time to go home..

Grandma Edna and kids enjoying the refreshments.

More kids eating and chatting.

Grandma Edna reads while Grandpa and Alma start a discussion.

….and the discussion continues…..

This is “DuBois on Main”…


One thought on “One year and going strong!!

  1. No doubt you will succeed with Jean.

    We miss you in Howard County, Maryland

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