Annual Meeting Recap

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September 23, 2013 by DuboisOnMain

Folks, the annual meeting and dinner went very well.  We had an overflow crowd thanks to board member Catherine.  The food was very plentiful and delicious.  Denise’s mother was ill, but she brought the beans and cornbread as they had signed up to do.  Mom’s better, but Denise is keeping her eye on her.  Keep them in your prayers. Others who couldn’t be there brought in their items earlier. Unexpected dishes were prepared and enjoyed.  My thanks to all the people who provided items for this event. Antonia and Lois’ deserts….uuummm. (desert party some day????)

Board members and new members joined in for the setup and then clean up afterwards.  The cooperation was just fantastic!  Without a doubt, we must have a fundraiser bean dinner before winter.  I will be working on this idea very soon.  Let me know what you want to do to help..

Another highlight of the evening was the kids.  There were about half a dozen young men there.  Most stayed and listened during the event.  This was probably a bit much, but they hung in there.  At least four of them had been in the parade earlier in the day and I just can’t sing their praises enough.  There are a few pictures I remembered to take AFTER the parade.  But I am happy they followed through on their commitment and were actually at the museum early.

Nate Shelton arrived early in the evening and was a hit when he went to the piano.  All the kids went around him and joined in the singing.  Adults joined in also on many songs as they were “old school” type songs.  Our fantastic baritone opera singer joined Nate and was doing “do wop”.   What a time.  Yes. It was fun.  Guess we need to find a volunteer videographer & photographer….Ideas???

Catherine’s friends came out to support us from the morning parade to the evening dinner where they brought in chairs from the yard and found towels to clean them off.  It was so good to see folks pitching in and helping.  Undoubtedly, that is a common practice for them.  I think most are community activists and helping is what they do!.  Fortunately for DuBois on Main, many are now new members along with some of our earlier friends.  Yeaaaaaa!    Catherine handled this project very well and signed up 9 new members!  One has agreed to do a special program for us.  Oragami with Joe is scheduled for Nov. 2,  2013 with a maximum of 12 attendees.  Kids of all ages invited……


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