Amazing Monday, Jan. 6., 2014

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January 9, 2014 by DuboisOnMain

It was cold, snowy, but I went out anyway to have long leisurely lunch at OK Chinese in Oak Hill.  Focusing on spending in Fayette County.  Got a phone call around 2:00PM from an unknown number.  Since I had recently completed mailing about 150 membership/fundraiser packets to some former DuBois students, this was expected.  I didn’t know the caller, but became very excited when she told me about herself, Nellie Jordan, 1947 graduate!  That perks you up.  That’s the year the late Major General Charles Calvin Rogers, Congressional Medal of Honor awardee, graduated.  She had sent me a packet of information about herself and since I was out of town, it was returned to her.  She was assured, I wanted it.  The system allows returning packages not picked up in a week.  As she tells me her history, I am writing it all…one of the top 4 students in her class (I knew one,  Billie Ann Rose), scholarship to go to school for nursing, changes her mind and instead studies biology at City College in NY, later goes to Fordham U. where she gets Masters and PhD…..(This is too much..amazing. I get up and pace the floor as I’m listening) and there’s more!  Oh, but it’s all written in what she’s sending me.  Relatives?? Four younger brothers are deceased.  She mentions Leon and David among others.  I was in school with and knew both of them.  When I told former classmate and now board member, Kathleen Leonard Scott, her jaw dropped open.  We were speaking of them just a few months ago, wondering… and now we know.  David, who was in our class as we remember, had been an engineer and passed in 2002.  Others have wondered about him also.  We didn’t know there was an amazing older sister who was now sharing this information.  She sounded great, IMG_3889very clear and pleasant.  She’s 83 and hopes to make it down for the DuBois reunion Labor Day weekend if her classmate, Lawrence Cresswell drives.  She recently had knee surgery….  Well, that concluded our conversation and I gave thanks for another gift that was just dropped on me so unexpectedly, again confirming that I am where I am supposed to be!  Since it was still snowing and cold, decided I’d better finish and head back home.  The drive was slow, but peaceful…


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