Volunteers needed – Almost Fall 2014 – Reprint…

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January 9, 2014 by DuboisOnMain

OK. So you have time on your hands, but nothing that you are really focused on. Kinda bored??IMG_3873 Feeling you are not needed? You are at the right place! There is something you can do. You can design your own schedule….. pick and choose what you want to do and as long as it fits, we can work it out.

We have received our first, second and third grant to do very interesting projects with the kids and community members. Need help.  This is an all volunteer organization.  Have received lots of help during the summer.  Need someone to volunteer INSIDE….loads of things to do…vacuuming, cleaning, mantling/dismantling displays, keep paperwork in order, greet visitors, ensure everyone signs in so we have a record of attendance, learn how to write grants, reports, create publicity flyers & announcements, and whatever else is needed to keep it going.  WHEW!!   (Choose which one you want to do.)   Call me or drop in if you see my vehicle or the OPEN sign. Sometimes I walk to the museum. Yes, I could use a bit of help. Thanks.


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