Busy Thursday

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January 10, 2014 by DuboisOnMain

Newspaper article about our Community Garden meeting on Jan. 20th came out this morning. Got a call from reporter about 10AM and since I seldom watch TV, I had no clue who she was. Agreed to early afternoon interview and got other board members to agree to meet at museum. During drive back to Mt. Hope, another call I couldn’t answer…no hands-free device…yet. While at the dentist, another phone call comes in from a reporter. We’ll meet tomorrow. Interview at 1:00 went well. News clip at 5PM showed how well reported edited. Three people and three perspectives! Pleased! Later, phone rings again. Person that called earlier. It was Mae Wooten, 1955 graduate! I remember Mae. Wow. Feels so good to connect with people you haven’t seen in over 50 years even if they don’t remember you. (I was a freshman and that is normal because you tend to know older students, not younger). Mae was one of the top students and her picture is on the front page of the May 1955 DuBois Echo. Being an Echo reader since elementary school, that made her easy to remember. We had a nice long conversation. She’s into history now and is the unofficial historian at her church. We exchanged information and will be in touch. Whew! What a day.


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