Community Garden? YES!…Community supports idea

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January 25, 2014 by DuboisOnMain

Monday, Jan. 20, MLK day, proved to be a good day to meet, learn and talk about creating a community garden in Mount Hope.  The weather was perfect!  Over 40 people of various ages and interests gathered to hear Brad Cochran and Jenny Totten of WV State University talk about and show pictures of the gardens that have been created in other areas of the state and what could be created here.  Excitement grew quietly as new ideas were expressed.  

After member, Lois Christian White said she would donate cinder blocks, others spoke up adding their commitment of labor and various items needed for gardening.  

Though the full garden plan is expected to take a year or so to be completed, many attendees were anxious to see something grow this year and June was agreed to be the time we would get something planted.  The hardware store next door has already donated pallets that Jenny wants to use in creating this garden.  

Plans for securing funds to create the kids garden space are already in place.  Pizza garden?  A ball field garden?  It’s so exciting.  Yellow tomatoes and broccoli have already been chosen by attendees. Time will tell what we can plant this year, but we are open to changing our minds. We want to see our garden grow and Brad and Jenny are working on getting a list of items we need to secure.  

Want to get involved?  Help is needed in keeping records, contacting members and all sorts of things.  Call the museum for information on next meeting drop in and sign up to be involved.  After all, if you live in the general area, you are the middle part of commUnity.


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