Community Garden Kickoff–SUCCESS!!

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June 22, 2014 by DuboisOnMain

P1000212 P1000206 P1000227 P1000223 P1000224 2014-05-17_13-54-34_810 2014-05-17 14.03.05 2014-05-17_15-16-21_243P1000220Community members came, planted, chatted, enjoyed the food and now look forward to having food grow. Our ADA beds are claimed & planted. Mt. Hope Lions Club built their bed with the extra wood and got a variety of things planted. Lonnie Warwick donated loads of rich compost and is planning a late summer pig roast in the garden! Ray Jones created a little flower bed on the end of his bed that we loved and imitated. Marcia Bishop came prepared to plant her garden and brought many flats of flowers she had gotten donated from Casto’s Greenhouse! Farrow kids dropped off food and grandpa came down and worked on the garden. Adam Hodges hung the sign Garnet B. had painted, then returned later with the kids who helped plant potatoes. Linda Howard Brown planted herbs from her garden along the fence. Lois White’s sandwiches were a real treat. Bernice Clayton did some planting. Oh boy, did we have fun! Hope to post some pictures in next few days. (I wrote this a month ago today..just got pics downloaded)

Another really good thing about the community support I noticed on Monday….someone left his glass beer bottle on top of the pallets….NOT on the ground of the garden. We really appreciate that kind act.


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