DuBois High 1954-1956 students

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January 14, 2015 by DuboisOnMain

Feb. 1, 1954 was the first day of class for students at the brand new DuBois High School in Mount Hope.  The school on the hill had been destroyed on June 23, 1950 and the replacement was opening almost four years later.  The new DuBois existed only 2 years.  It was renamed and the history became “lost, stolen or strayed”….

Were you one of those DuBois students?  Or was it your parents or relatives?

We would love to have pictures, programs, documents or artifacts that relate to those years.  Of course, copies of such would be acceptable. This is important and fascinating history. There are so many people who have no knowledge of this era and now are anxious to learn.  We here at DuBois on Main Museum need you to help us by sharing what you can find.  Perhaps it was a relative of yours who attended and you have something that is of that period.  Handkerchief?  Years ago, they were important, but again, many have never seen or thought about such.  Don’t be shy.  Let’s talk.

Thanks for considering looking through and thinking about what it was like and being willing to share it.

20150110_175218That’s 1955 graduate Colonel James Bouldin.. 20150114_151651There’s a new sign at the bridge showing his rank of Major General, BUT “Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient” was left off…..I’ve contacted a delegate about it, but must contact more to get this omission corrected.  OK….he graduated in 1947, but this was a picture that I wanted to show….


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