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March 13, 2015 by DuboisOnMain

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Last fall, a Marshall student, Hailey Horn, dropped in to chat with me about DuBois history.  She was working on local history in her African American history class and had been informed by a former school teacher about the museum.  Additionally, she was from nearby Oak Hill.

I am always happy to see someone who is actually interested in learning about this history.  I willingly showed her the location on the hill of the now gone building, destroyed by fire in 1950.  We drove up DuBois High school road, parked and walked to catch glimpses of the remains.

Locations along Main Street and nearby that served as DuBois “campus” for four years were visited also.

Later, we went to visit the location of the DuBois High built in 1952-1953 and opened in February 1954.

This app was created by Professor David Trowbridge and has a lot of interesting history.  Be sure to look at sites beyond DuBois.  It is fascinating.  Enjoy.


Now that you’ve seen that, add the mobile app and enjoy.

Visit http://www.theclio.com and download the mobile app today!


One thought on “DuBois history app

  1. Mark Walters says:

    This is incredible! Thank you for telling us about Clio–it’s really fun to use and I’ve learned so much already.

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