Painting the mural


March 17, 2015 by DuboisOnMain

painting-walter langston 030                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 AmeriCorps volunteer, Tammy Stein, comes by regularly after her gardening work with students to paint the mural. She enjoys it very much and does a very good job painting.  Look at the face she’s working on.                                                                                                       Today, Walter Langston,  a very well known and well liked young man from Mount Hope dropped in to help out.  They spent a few hours painting and having pleasant conversation. Multi-talented volunteer, Jim Withim who lives a few blocks away is always down at the museum to help volunteers get the painting done.  He serves as the paint coordinator who ensure everything is ready for volunteers and also paints the mural. Board member Adam Hodges is the artist who does all the initial sketching on the parachute cloth panels so volunteers will have guides to follow to complete the painting.

walter langston  painting 029 (1)

This job is done by a number of people working together to ensure things flow smoothly.  We can always use more help. This is an opportunity to have family, friends, group do something different and be a part of this history making event. Look forward to seeing your work on the wall this summer.

Call and let me know when you want to come by and paint a little.


2 thoughts on “Painting the mural

  1. DuboisOnMain says:

    Walter set up his camera so I could take these pictures.

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