AMS Social Studies 6th graders ROCK!!

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March 26, 2015 by DuboisOnMain

Great day at the museum yesterday, Wednesday.  We had over 80 students with their teachers and support team visit them museum in two shifts.  Dennis Kinzer and Catherine Moore were there early before the first group arrived. Catherine got us organized and was ready for picture taking.  Jim Withim was ready for the painting time and Bill Bergendahl was there to help also.  Bill took the pictures that are with this blog.  Kids had a great time and so did the adults.  The afternoon group had two DuBois students, Lois Christian White and Bernice Nalls Clayton, to chat with and ask questions.  They did a lot of listening to various stories of what school was like years before their parents were born and learned so much!

Painting, checking scavenger hunt quiz and such.

Painting, checking scavenger hunt quiz and such.

For those of us that went to DuBois, we were pleasantly struck by the similarities of the expectation level of the teachers.  Just like DuBois, and Mrs. Joyce Hairston especially, the expectation level is quite high.  We know from experience that DuBois students remember and  tell young people about the importance of education.  Additionally, the fact that “tough” Mrs. Hairston always pushed them to be what they were capable of is recalled and stressed.  She is remembered fondly and given credit for much of the success seen later by her former students.

WOAY was there in the afternoon to record and report the event as part of the evening news.

Alex from WOAY interviewing  Jean

Alex from WOAY interviewing Jean

We believe the students benefitted from their visit and learning about someone who had a different educational experience.  We look forward to seeing students from this and other schools in the area.


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