Community Gardeners at work

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May 28, 2015 by DuboisOnMain

Yes, this is a real “community garden”.  This is our second year of doing this without any specific funding or written plan.  We just get together and figure it out.  Our young participants include students from elementary, high school and college.   Then we have our young adults and our seniors, all involved in planting a garden this year.  This environment provides so many opportunities for teaching, learning and growth.  Many of us are excited about planting new things for the first time.  We also have a first-time gardener and soon to be wed, college student.  Additionally, the local bank, Bank of Mt. Hope is supporting us by providing our rain barrels and other gardening items we need.  Our new mayor will have soil delivered to us when available.  The community garden is operating on volunteers and support of individuals and organizations.  We don’t have any grant funds. We just do whatever is needed to make this work for everyone.  We are working in cooperation with the Farm to School program and learning so much from “Farmer Tammy”.  Gardeners are volunteering to take on specific responsibilities to ensure a successful project for everyone.  We help each other.  This is what “community” is all about. 


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