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July 4, 2015 by DuboisOnMain

With the many activities and the Facebook site, I sometimes do not post here often. Many things are evolving.

Van Burks at museum

Van Burks at the museum.

There is work being done to better manage the painting of the mural. Jim and Tammy are volunteers who are emotionally involved and working hard to do what is necessary for a successful project. Others are working with them to get this project back on track.

Recently, the garden has had so much rain that it is growing out of its beds and all over the place. Gardeners are happy with the progress and squash, zucchini, peppers, greens and strawberries have been picked. We have had a bit of vandalism, but I think that may have stopped. This week, we added some DuBois history to the garden beds. Pictures of teachers, students, events and Dr. DuBois are placed in the garden for visitors and gardeners to learn DuBois history.  I shared some history with visitors today.  Some did not recognize the picture of Dr. DuBois, so it was an opportunity to speak about him and encourage others to do research for themselves.  Gardeners that went to DuBois can tell others stories about their experience and explain something about the pictures also.


Students working together on a project.


Operating the media equipment.

The DuBois Leadership and Media Academy is going well. Students are learning leadership and media skills that they will use soon to record orals histories of DuBois students. These skills easily transfer to daily life. The dynamic instructors are well versed and doing a great job.  As a result, students are enjoying the classes and anxiously return.


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