Simmons High graduate-oral interview


August 28, 2015 by DuboisOnMain

20150824_141951On Monday, I attended an event that Queenester Jones, wife of “Bubby” Sylvester Jones, invited me to so I could meet some people. Had no idea what this group was all about, but it was a beautiful day to spend time in the park in Fayetteville and have lunch. Upon arriving, I saw it was a group of older black and white people. I knew some of the older black women. Turns out it was the local AARP chapter event. I even met the wife of a former classmate whose name I readily recalled, the late Carlos Arthur, a former principal in Fayette County.

As the day went on, I enjoyed the delicious food and fellowship. I met new people and sensing an opportunity to get some connections made, I pulled out my old heavy computer and starting writing information. My goal is to get more interviews with DuBois students completed. No, they will not be professionally done…just “raw”.

Years ago, when I moved back to WV, I was in a local chorus Mrs. Fleming conducted and Mrs. Matthews and Mrs. Brown were already in it. That’s when I met these ladies. I had just recently met a great-grandson of Mrs. Brown and told her about that meeting. As I was getting phone information, it occurred to me to ask her for an interview. I thought she was a former DuBois student. I was wrong, but she said yes and I was happy. After all, Simmons was the other black high school in the county and neither of us is aware that their history is being saved. All I had was my cell phone. So, I went to her house and we did the interviews, moving when necessary. The man who trimmed the hedges and I arrived at the same time.

It is my hope you will enjoy these unedited bits I was able to record as much as I do when looking at them again. Check back later for more. Like a story, I need you to come back for more. Not all of it at once…

I have to get busy and find more people in the area to interview. OK. Just found out (finally read the note…) this type file is not allowed! Darn. Will have to learn something else. Going to go have my glass of red wine. Need to take care of myself…


3 thoughts on “Simmons High graduate-oral interview

  1. DuboisOnMain says:

    Will post interviews on the DuBois on Main Facebook site. Only Youtube videos can be posted here and I do not know how to do that. So, check out the Facebook site next week for info on Mrs. Brown from Simmons. SylvesterJones is already there…

  2. Queenester Jones says:

    Nice article

  3. Queenester Jones says:

    Nice article, good luck on getting other interviews

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