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November 3, 2015 by DuboisOnMain

20151103_174831Some years ago, 1955 DuBois graduate, Clarence Frazier, suggested there are a group of people that need to be recognized as they were very important to students receiving an education.  These people are the bus drivers.

Over the years, I have learned to encourage people with good ideas to carry them out themselves.  Clarence recently did just that.   He contacted a variety of former classmates and they compiled the list of bus drivers and their routes from 1951 to 1956. With this information, Clarence produced a beautiful plaque honoring them.

I would like to add pictures and comments about these men to a display that will be created titled “Unsung Heroes” and I need your help.

Does anyone remember Mr. Bandy, or Mr. Phoebus? How about Mr. Price. Did a relative ride their bus. Any pictures of the men or stories about the ride to DuBois? This information will be so helpful in putting together a display about them. Clarence Booker, 1950 graduate is working on finding information about Mr. Saunders. Anybody else remember him? Mr. Jimmy Szuch is from Mt. Hope and I think finding a picture of him won’t be too difficult. Patty Logan is checking her yearbooks. How about checking yours while you’re chatting with others. Mr. Dorsey Woods from Hilltop has relatives and a picture of him is available. Les Rose has a nephew in OH, Clifford who sent me a picture of him. We would like to put a display together within the next month of so of those men. Just waiting for pictures and bus riding stories.


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