First day of winter closing, December 7, 2015

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December 7, 2015 by DuboisOnMain

Today is the first day of our winter closing. We will be working on some ideas that have come from friends and supporters. Of course, we want ideas from young people because that is the audience we wish to reach. There is lots of good history to pass along and they likely have ideas as to how to do it a bit differently from what has been done. Ideas have come in from young folks and older ones.

What do you think we could do at the museum or in the community room that would be of benefit and interest to a variety to people?

Do you like working with people, learning new things, teaching and exploring?

Send your thoughts and ideas to DuBois on Main. Email me @ or put your thoughts on paper and send it in the mail to 116 Main St. Mount Hope, WV 25880.

Are you a musician? Know any? Would love to have live music in the museum monthly……..let’s do it!

Museum will reopen around mid February if the weather is OK. If not, we’ll open when it’s reasonable.

Enjoy your holidays to the fullest.




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