We’re Back! Reunion 2016


June 30, 2016 by DuboisOnMain

Labor Day weekend, Sept 2-4, 2016 is our next DuBois High Reunion here in Fayette County, WV.  Information was sent out a couple months ago.  If by chance you need more  or have questions,  please contact our secretary, Gilberta Patterson, at 304-469-6108.

Mural Draft 2 Merged w Logo

The mural has been changed a bit, but the goal of those doing the work is to have it completed before the Sept. reunion.  That will be greatly appreciated.

???????????????????????????????      Elinor & Erskine Agee

Oh, by the way, if you have any pictures you would like to share, mail them to Gilberta.  If you can email them, send to the museum’s email: duboison116main@gmail.com.   She and Gloria do the reunion book and they need pictures.  Thanks….See you in September……


Reunion notes:   It was FUN.  We enjoyed the weekend.  The mural ribbon-cutting was great.  Reunion attendees were so pleased to see the mural depicting their history.  Many enjoyed calling out the names of people the recognized.  A pamphlet had been prepared and handed out to attendees identifying those on the mural, but many DuBois students knew and recognized them immediately.20160903_174625

The food at both the mural event and the hotel was absolutely delicious.  Hot dogs were served at DuBois on Main along with other food treats.  But it was the hot dogs that had people coming back for more.  The meals at the hotel were exceptionally good this year.  Compliments were heard over and over.


Food at the museum..  Hotdogs????

Some friends and I were talking about the event and we noted that we had not heard one complaint.  Generally, there is always someone who will complain about something, but we didn’t know of any!  People were busy enjoying each other and themselves.

Geraldine Lewis West – 84 yrs. & married to Morris West 66 years.

Clarence Booker-’50 & Edmonia M. Newman-’54




Mrs. Margaret Matthews-’46


Ruby-’52 & Jordan ’46 Evans



Honoree, Mrs. Eunice  Fleming,-’40.  She played “Summertime” for us.

If you want to see other pictures of the event, go to the Facebook site, DuBois on Main.  There are many pictures.  Also check out the Jean Evansmore Facebook site.   There were many people recording this weekend.  Check with friends.   Next time..2018!!


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