Connections…Sept. 24, 2017 3-6PM

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September 18, 2017 by DuboisOnMain


Yes, this is the flyer.  But it doesn’t tell you all.  We have a local combat reporter who donated many articles about Major General Rogers and plans to attend the event.  AND I recently made contact with a war correspondent who said he “will try to come”.  He is Ed Rabel, a West Virginian, who has many years in this field and continues to write and teach.  He has a very interesting Facebook site.   Folks I talked to about him are really excited and hope he decides to do so.  Additionally, we will do a “meet & greet” giving folk time to view the displays before the program starts.

Discussions, videos, good food and live music by the fabulous multi-talented singer, Doris Fields, better known in the music field as Lady D.  We will have comments by two former DuBois students, Sylvester Jones and Kathleen Leonard Scott, Connecting – Then and Now.



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