Sept. 24, 2017 Connections… then and now…VERY Successful..happy attendees.

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September 27, 2017 by DuboisOnMain

WOAY TV was at the event and provided news coverage.  Register-Herald was there also for print material.    If this does not open here, go to DuBois on Main to read it…

The event was very well attended and enjoyed.  I spoke to Mrs. Gladys Payne today and she expressed her pleasure with the event, thanking me for inviting her.  I told her Kathleen Scott and I would like to chat with her at her convenience because the oral history is more effective that what someone might write.  She agreed.  We thank her very much.  She is a big part of DuBois history having attended the Commencement in 1935 where Dr. DuBois gave the commencement address!


We had a VERY SUCCESSFUL annual meeting event yesterday. New Reporter wrote the story…….Rogers WAS NOT a Native of Mt. Hope……He was from Garten which is near Fayetteville. Many posts on FB..See Johnnie Mae Smith’s pictures. Try to Friend her..


Jean Evansmore ran around the tight spaces of DuBois on Main on Sunday afternoon.




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