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October 6, 2017 by DuboisOnMain

Just in case you missed this a few weeks ago.  We are still working on getting the words done satisfactorily.  This is so important.  MANY people have no idea about the fact that segregation was the law of the land and it existed in sooooooooooo many areas of life.   They do not see this as an important piece of history.  Their education is incomplete.
Hailey Horn is with Jean Evansmore.

Great news regarding the historical marker for DuBois! Jean walked into the WV State Archives a couple of weeks ago, without an appointment, and caught the attention of State Archivist, Joe Geiger. They talked for over an hour, and we now have the full support of WV Division of Culture and History! For those who are unaware: this is huge for the state of West Virginia, who’s marker largely represent white men, and underrepresent both women and minorities. Stop wasting energy trying to tear things down, and start making a effort to create new monuments and markers that will eventually outnumber an outdated era. DuBois On Main

MOUNT HOPE — The board of directors of DuBois on Main announced last week the success of the recent fundraising project to have a West Virginia historical highway marker placed

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