In the works—DuBois football history

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December 12, 2017 by DuboisOnMain

After our Football history project a few weeks ago, and the interest expressed by callers, Kyle and I chatted a bit and agreed to work on preserving this important history via oral history interviews and other DuBois resources.  We spent about 9 hours on Sunday doing the initial work.  On our way to do more.

 Kyle testing the setup

Kyle setting up

It is a very time-consuming job to prepare to conduct oral interviews.  Equipment and details are checked out.  Lights out sound controlled.  Check.  Check..











Lonnie Warwick, former NFL football player is used to lights, sound, and interviews. Lonnie interview 1


Here Lonnie talks with Kyle about his experiences as a kid watching the DuBois football team.  Then years later he is playing football with DuBois trained team members.


**Stay tuned for future announcements and developments on this project.  Kyle is happy to be using his twelve years experience in helping preserve this history and we are ever so grateful for this support.**



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