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December 14, 2018 by DuboisOnMain

Another big project was securing a WV State Historical Marker acknowledging the history of the new DuBois High School 1954-1956.  Since the destruction of the original DuBois High School, 1917-1950,  students had been educated in churches, temporary buildings, and Principal  T. W. Chiles’  basement.  The Fayette County Board of Education decided at its May 1956 board meeting to bring the white students from Mt. Hope High into the new and very modern, DuBois High School and change the name to Mt. Hope High School.  The black students were then assigned to other white high schools in the county closer to where they lived.  At the opening of the school year, August 1956, DuBois High School no longer existed.   It had become Mount Hope High School…..

Research in 2017 by Hailey Horn, former Marshall University student who had studied this history, found this to be historic and the only occurrence in West Virginia.  DuBois on Main Board of directors embraced this project and raised necessary funds in a short period of time.  Working with the WV Division of Culture and History, plans were made and the marker was completed and installed in 2018.  The dedication ceremony was planned as part of the biennial DuBois High School Reunion.  Donors were invited and acknowledged.  This WV State Historical marker serves as evidence of the existence of DuBois High School in the state.  Because the wall plaque installed at the entrance was covered with trophy cases, many students have attended school there and know nothing of its true history.  They can now learn this local history.   Look at DuBois High School history at developed by Dr. Trowbridge at Marshall University.  An app for your phone is available also.  This is free.  You will be pleasantly surprised!


DuBois High marker


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