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December 19, 2018 by DuboisOnMain

We recently received a surprise gift.  It came in the form of a letter with the green check-looking paper inside the clear window.  I put it on the bottom of the pile of mail  I had received.  When I had checked everything else, I opened this one, expecting it to be one of those “gift checks” you receive because they want you to buy something more expensive.  SURPRISE!

The letter read “The EACH Foundation is pleased to enclose a check in the amount of $500 as an unrestricted grant to the DuBois on Main Museum Company Ltd.  This grant is subject to the terms set forth in the attached Grant Terms and Conditions and, by cashing the grant check, you are indicating that you agree to its terms……”

I had never heard of The EACH Foundation as I had only sought organizations that supported local proposals and required very specific actions.  Foundations, in my mind, were for those big organizations, not a small volunteer-run nonprofit whose creator had only envisioned putting historical things on the walls or tables and having people come in to view, chat and learn about DuBois history.

After a Google search, I learned so much about this organization and still was a bit nervous.  The Board of Directors learned about it later that evening during our teleconference where we were confirming our DuBois on Main Scholarship for Fayette County students.   When I saw a name I recognized as being the person I was to address our appreciation to, I felt better, though still puzzled.  Yes, I knew the photographer Paul Corbit Brown and his nonprofit, Keeper of the Mountains.  I had attended meetings about local issues with him and had worked on a local water problem effort to get water to residents of the area.  After more research I learned, yes there is an organization that actually donates funds to organizations that are exempt under the Internal Revenue Code Sectio 501 (c) (3)…..and other requirements ensuring the organization is in strict compliance with their status.  That page full of Terms and Conditions assured me this was a very legitimate organization and I could deposit the check.  Later I made contact with the representative and was reassured it was, indeed, a gift.

You never know who is watching and paying attention to what you are doing.  DuBois on Main sends a big Thank You to The Each Foundation whose logo includes: “To EACH Their Own. Google it! There’s lots more to be learned…EACH


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