Historic Plaque Ceremony


On Feb. 9, 2013, DuBois on Main hosted a re-dedication of a historical plaque that commemorates DuBois High School. The plaque was hidden behind a trophy case for many years at Mount Hope High School (formerly DuBois) but now it’s back in the spot light. Local pianist Nate Shelton, who donated a piano to DuBois, performed at the ceremony and letters from West Virginia politicians were read. Read more about the plaque’s story.

2 thoughts on “Historic Plaque Ceremony

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  2. DuboisOnMain says:

    The ceremony made “official” the receipt of the plaque that designated the real name of the school…. DuBois High School. The building it was attached to had long been regarded as Mt. Hope High because this plaque was covered by a big heavy trophy case in 1956. The plaque is now enjoying its place of prominence in the DuBois on Main Museum and the trophy case is relieved that it now longer has to imprison it. Thank you to all those who are known and not known who helped in this rescue mission.

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