DuBois Family

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The DuBois Family refers to the many black people in the plateau region of Fayette county who had a connection to DuBois High School, and that includes just about EVERYONE!   You see, even if you didn’t go to DuBois, you probably know someone who did.

Back in the early 1900’s, when the school was finally built, Dr. DuBois was very well known for his activism and for his clash with Booker T. Washington.  He was the first African American to receive a Ph. D. in history from Harvard University.  The name DuBois was chosen for the high school.  The elementary and junior high schools in Mt. Hope for black students were also named DuBois.

During the time of DuBois High School, teachers were respected as being like your parents outside your house.  It was accepted that you must listen to and respect them.  Speak to older people and you will learn that if your teacher had to give you punishment, you probably should not tell your parents because that meant you were likely to get it a second time.  DuBois students often speak lovingly of the impact certain teachers had on their lives.  Usually it was one that was considered “tough”.  By demanding that students do their best and by not accepting excuses, respect and love were built.

The school gave students many opportunities for involvement and leadership.  A look through the school newspaper gives a glimpse of individuals’ importance.  There are stories of not just the top students academically, but of students who joined the military, which was a common thing for males to help support their families; wrote poetry; showed good manners; or even got married.  Students’ activities after high school were often noted in the newspaper, The DuBois Echo. Its advisor, Mrs. Griere, was an English teacher and a journalist for The Pittsburgh Courier, a black owned newspaper in PA.  These students were taught by a professional and their accomplishments were often noted in the Pittsburgh paper, as well as the local newspaper.  The sports teams were very well known throughout the state and if you can find a former football player, you’ll be engaged in a recount of those days as the memories come back and the smiles come on the face.

The reunion is a time to get together, laugh and remember.  Or, if you weren’t around to remember, just listen.  You’ll learn so much.  DuBois is deep in the hearts of those that connected somehow with her.

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  1. This is informative, educational, historical, and just “plain old” good!

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