Founders’ Wall

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As a way to raise money for the operation of our museum & community space, we have created a number of different ways to display your name or the name of someone you wish to honor on the Founder’s Wall. Your contribution is tax deductible.

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(Click on picture for larger view)

Levels of Support:

For Friends/Supporters: Name on Plaque Left Wall ($1,000 – Gold) / ($500 – Silver) / ($250 – Bronze) / ($100 – Blue)

For Friends/Supporters: Name on Entryway ($25)


If you ever attended DuBois High: Name(s) on Brick, Right Wall ($50) – Max. 2 names per brick. Add attendance dates, (ie. 1954-1956, or graduates-1951)  A certificate and a small commemorative stone will be mailed.

How to Buy A Brick:

Online Method

1. Fill out this form:

2. Pay for your brick via PayPal

Paper Method

1. Print and mail this DOWNLOADABLE FORM, along with a check for the appropriate amount, to: DuBois on Main / 116 Main St. / Mount Hope, WV 25880

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