Annual Meeting- Sat. Sept 26, 2015 and Ramblings..

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September 25, 2015 by DuboisOnMain

Good evening,

Well, you just might be wondering why I am posting this now. After all, it is a bit late…no….it is quite late. Sometimes things just happen this way. Flyers were sent to members and some local folks involved in one of our projects. They also were posted in windows and covered in a newspaper article. WOAY may be here to cover some of the event. Thought you might like seeing what we’re planning anyway.  Who knows, you may be in the area.  Drop by..It’s open to the public, not just members…  Hopefully, I can post the report here. This has been and continues to be a big learning experience for me. It is absolutely more work, planning, and doing than I ever thought. Finding volunteers is rather difficult here, but we go on and do what we can.  We have a number of supporters in various parts of the U.S.

A variety of people are starting to discover us. Young people know little to nothing about segregation in WV.  They think it was in Alabama, etc.  Older people know, but are not willing to talk about it.  None of us can change history, but it is important that we at least make our own relatives and kids aware of the history.  So many things are happening now that people think are brand new while it’s only history repeating itself.

We’ve been here three years and I recently heard a local leader say it takes 10 years for something to catch on…OK that explains it all.

Again, this history is just fascinating. I still learn so much.  When you read and re-read, you will see something you missed.  DuBois students should be very proud of themselves.  You definitely set an example for others…we’re still trying to get them to see it.  People who come in and read or ask questions are absolutely AMAZED at what happened and how well you survived.  I try to teach others at every opportunity I get and those opportunities are often.  All you have to do is talk to people.

Check out our flyer. DuBois 3rd Annual Mtg. Our new board member, Jim, made it.       Dennis used to do them for me and his wife said he loved doing it.  He had to resign because he and his wife retired and moved to TN.  He may be in town for the meeting.

Oh, pass the word and show up.  There will be some delicious food here tomorrow.  A number of board members and friends like to cook.  Lois Christian White cooks.  Jim Withim cooks. I’m sure there are others….(not me).   013Last week at the Friday get together I tasted the desert Patty Logan made.  It was mouth watering delicious and when I saw a new one on the table, I just grabbed a napkin and got a slice.  I don’t know the name of it.  It’s like a fruit tart, crust, cream cheese, beautiful variety of fruit and a drizzle of chocolate. I asked if she would make one for me to purchase.  She said she’d bring one by today and she was here before 9:30AM and refused any money for it!  So, put out the word.  Patty Logan makes a delicious desert!!  THANKS PATTY LOGAN…  We really appreciate it.  Yes, I’ll share….


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